My research about Instagram algorithm work in 2021

My research about Instagram algorithm work in 2021


This is a super hard-to-understand topic. Because all that I mention here it’s can not be absolutely correct and can vary from time to time.

Nowadays Instagram releases updates weekly, but I have some useful tips which work very well so far and should work for you.

Q: Challenge required on activity, for example, likes, follows, and unfollow, what is it and what to do?

A: It’s not just a fake challenge, it’s a device session block. Most times device refresh will help you bypass that, we have a special modification for that, but you need first of all understand why this happened.


Few things which matter:


1. Use a high-quality proxy.

– If your proxy quality is bad, you can get a block easy
– IPv6 proxies usage is not recommended
– Mobile proxies and IPv4 proxies usage are highly recommended
– The proxy country is not important (for accounts that already logged in, bypassed session-level email/sms challenge and can perform API requests)
– IP dynamic rotation is not important
– The history of recent IP activity in Instagram is very important
– If one account will overuse API with proxy, all other accounts which use this proxy will also affected and in the good case receive only Error 429: Throttled because of too many API requests
– We will start offering high quality anonymous IPv4 proxies soon, follow for updates


2. Instagram Account Trust Score.

We are working on trust score algorithm identification. We will release a solution for calculating and improving that score. This is a very important thing.


Highlighted text it’s things shared by the Instagram team recently in 2021.

Current list of criteria:

Activity in the real Instagram mobile app (bot identification)
Interactions and with self following or new users (bot identification)
Relationships (connections) with users
Interests (content with which you interact in the mobile app)
Timeliness (last post/story activity)
◦ Phone confirmed (yes/no)
◦ Email confirmed (yes/no)
◦ Is account verified (yes/no)
◦ Is the account private (yes/no)
◦ Is avatar exist (yes/no)
◦ Account creating date (account register date should be higher than 30 days)
◦ Last real activity time
◦ Followings/Followers rate
◦ Check feed for bad hashtags
◦ Check bio for bad words
◦ ERpost criteria (good/bad)
◦ Previous challenges count (AC/PV count)
◦ Is link added on not (is website is dangerous or potentially spam)


The most important factor is Activity in the real Instagram mobile app.

I can confirm that daily login to an account and timeline feed activity in that account, as DM activity via real mobile phone reduce a chance to get challenge required exception on like, follow, unfollow, comment, and other actions at automation.

I compared all my accounts automation story and found that this rule really works, but account age as trust score is also highly important.


How to increase your trust score right starting today?

◦ Daily login to your account via real mobile phone
◦ Scroll the timeline feed and open DM, send and reply in DM someone to exsiting threads
◦ Yes, this takes some time, but without that activity, the account is easily detectable for the Instagram algorithm at automation nowadays
◦ I’m still working to identify how to improve that, but I think the best solution it’s manual daily activity (login, scroll, DM)
◦ Any kind of module for the behavior activity will not solve that if this is not physical behavior by real people or an AI algorithm
◦ Account should match all criteria in the list shared before, from creation date to content criterias